Desktop Info v2.11.0

June 2021
Change 1: Fixed bug in CMD when the result is exactly 200 bytes.
Change 2: In CMD, don’t trim the result if read-as-csv is specified.
Change 3: The FILE item has been converted to a regular item. It kind of always was but there was some old code in there that ran in a thread that is unnecessary. I haven’t included the “first line of text” option. Does anyone use that? The return values have changed, check your config.
Change 4: Added alternative syntax to the SET item. You can now use the more conventional SET key=value syntax.
Change 5: Added user variables to interval and background-interval options. These are only parsed once.
Change 6: Added Wow64DisableWow64FsRedirection calls to the CONTROL and CMD items to disable file system redirection from System32 to SysWOW64 and the like.
Change 7: Added the offset option to the DATETIME item to display times in other time zones.
Change 8: Added a buffer to the ini file reader to reduce disk operations and allow the following.
Change 9: Added the INCLUDE key word to the ini file.

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