Desktop Info v2.10.0 Released

November 2020
Change 1: Added check for byte order marker when reading the ini file.
Change 2: Fixed WMI Uint32 bug.
Change 3: Updated reference for ENVVAR item.
Change 4: Changed the default text value for ENVVAR to “%1”.
Change 5: If row-text is not defined then text is used. If text is not defined then the internal default is used. I’m not sure if this is how it was but it’s how it’s supposed to be.
Change 6: Fixed no results bug in SERVICEPACK item.
Change 7: Fixed bug in one section of the alarm threshold parsing preventing use of wmi property names when determining the frame color.
Change 8: I’ve learnt some things about font anti-aliasing and so I’ve removed the cleartype option and replaced it with the font-quality option which gives us an anti-aliasing scale from 0 to 5. The default is 4 which is the best anti-aliased quality short of clear type. If you want to enable clear type, add “font-quality=5” to the options.
Change 9: Added the read-as-csv option to the CMD item. This allows you to display and chart data from any tool that can output data to stdout in csv format, for example, nvidia-smi.
Change 10: Added the FILECSV item to read in external csv files and display the contents as multi-row data.

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