Desktop Info v1.19 Released

Change 1: CONTROL item now responds to the style common option. An unexpected side effect is the control can be put in the left column by using the ‘w’ style option.
Change 2: Color variables are available for the bar-colors option.
Change 3: Fixed line spacing issues.
Change 4: Fixed bug in LOGICALDRIVES count option. This was getting confused with another count option so I’ve changed it to max to avoid conflict.
Change 5: Fixed Clear Type issue with hyperlink controls.
Change 6: Added user variable processing to the COMMENT item and most other items that have a text option for the left column.
Change 7: Bar chart positioning has changed. The chart used to be placed at the end of the item display. Now it can be placed anywhere within the item display by placing the %chart% marker in the display template option. This also fixes the charting problem introduced with LOGICALDRIVES in v1.18. Your current config may need to be modified.

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