Desktop Info v1.17 Released

Please take note of deprecated items as they will be going away. In the next release, v1.18, BATTERY and CPUTEMP will be removed. You should replace these with standard WMI items. See the Useful WMI Queries chapter for examples. Also in v1.18, NETWORKADAPTER will be removed. You should replace this with NETWORKINTERFACES. I will also be building a new item LOGICALDRIVES to replace the FIXEDDISK and DISKIO items and so they will also be deprecated and eventually removed.

Change 1: Fixed font sizing on controls.
Change 2: Added font-face to item common options.
Change 3: Fixed control alignment.
Change 4: Added [screen-saver] section to the ini file. This has all the same options as the [options] section but is used in screen saver mode. This means the screen saver is somewhat more flexible now.
Change 6: Fixed a bug in FILE2TEXT that probably stopped it working altogether.
Change 7: Fixed a fatal crash on startup when the Processor performance counter is missing. Thanks to ntech2 for help tracking this one down.
Change 8: Finally got around to testing the ipv6list option in NETWORKINTERFACES and confirmed it is returning a full list of all ipv6 addresses.
Change 9: Added text-align to item common options so you can override the global text-align option on a per item basis.
Change 10: Added initial-page option to the [options] section. Particularly useful in the [screensaver] section.
Change 11: I’ve built a new unicode hyperlink control and also updated the button control for unicode.
Change 12: Added include-all option to FIXEDDISK. This gives you the option to include the floppy drives a: and b: in the fixed drive list. Default is off.
Change 13: Added option to specify item font-size as percent of the default font size set in the [options] or [screen-saver] sections

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