Desktop Info v1.15.0 Released

Version v.1.15.0
April 2019

Change 1: Added handle count to PROCESSMEM.
Change 2: Added Unix text file (LF) support to FILE2TEXT.
Change 3: Added Unix text file (LF) support and multibyte support to FILECONTENTS1 and FILECONTENTS2.
Change 4: Finally got the main ini file multi-byte compatible. Now you can set the text and display options in the main ini file using any language provided you save the ini file as UTF-8. If your language is right-to-left, set the font-rtl option in the [options] section.
Change 5: Added CONTROL item. This provides button and hyperlink controls that will open the given resource (web page, document, folder, application etc.). The controls are not yet multi-byte compatible. There are examples in the desktopinfo-advanced.ini config file.
Change 6: Various stability fixes.
Change 7: Search for the supplied ini file in the application directory.
Change 8: Fixed crash with threads writing to the log file.
Change 9: Debug log level shows all entries.
Change 10: Fixed bug in ALLIPADDRESS with multi port NICs showing the same IP for both ports.
Change 11: Some changes to NETWORKINTERFACES. Where an interface has multiple IP addresses, return values %8 through %13 will show the first ipv4 and ipv6 addresses (it used to show the last one). The return values %15 through %22 (dns server etc) will all show a space delimited list of IP addresses.
Change 12: Added new options and return values to NETWORKINTERFACES to handle network interface cards with multiple ports and hence multiple IP addresses.
Change 13: Enhanced the EVENTLOG item to return more useful information. This used to run in a ‘watch’ thread, I don’t really know why, but it’s now a regular item.
Change 14: Added SNAPSHOT item to create a snapshot image of the current DTI display.
Change 15: During refresh, only reset the form position in normal display mode, never in “/f” mode.
Change 16: Added fallback in case no items were read from the config file.
Change 17: Added search for file in application directory to FILE2TEXT, FILECONTENTS1 and FILECONTENTS2.
Change 18: Added read hit ratio and read miss ratio return values to PAGEFAULTS.
Change 19: Fixed some colour issues in “/f” mode.

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