Desktop Info v1.13.0 Released

Change 1: Added line-spacing to [options]. This controls the number of pixels between rows so you can squeeze it closer together or spread it out.
Change 2: Fixed csv bug duplicating header cells.
Change 3: Added maxrows and %rowcount% to the WMI item. In addition to limiting the output of the WMI display, it also provides a way to display just the row count rather than all the rows. Keep in mind this still requires a full parse of the result set so a large WMI query will take some time to process even if just getting a row count.
Change 4: Added the text-offset common option to all items. The offset option of the NETWORKADAPTER and FIXEDDISK child items has been removed and they now have a default text-offset of 10 pixels. You can set this to any number to adjust the offset or 0 if you don’t want an offset.
Change 5: Fixed the offset bug in right aligned and right-to-left text.
Change 6: Added rgb option to item colours.
Change 7: In WMI queries, CIM_DATETIME fields are automatically split into the date and time components so you can format them properly in the display template. See WMI Date/Time Formatting.
Change 8: Added a sample ‘advanced’ ini file with multiple pages. You can either rename it to the main ini file, desktopinfo.ini or add it as a command line parameter: desktopinfo.exe /ini=desktopinfo-advanced.ini.
Change 9: Fixed header bug in VIRTUALMEMORY csv and added free and percent free to results.
Change 10: Fixed header bug PAGEFILE csv and added free and percent free to results.
Change 11: Added free and percent free to PHYSICALRAM.
Change 12: If there is one option on the command line with no ‘/’ prefix, it is assumed to be an ini file. This way you can drag an ini file onto the exe file to start Desktop Info using that ini file.
Change 13: Added ‘pages read from disk per second’ and ‘pages written to disk per second’ to PAGEFAULTS.
Change 14: Allow the bar charts to be on their own row so that they are full width. Add two pipe symbols to the end of the display template.
Change 15: Added the bar-colors option to customise the bar chart colors.

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