Desktop Info v1.12.0 Released

This release has no major architectural changes, yay! There’s some minor tweaks to smooth out the navigation buttons and paging, some new tools and bug fixes and a change to how monitor-mode works. If you use the monitor-mode option you’ll need to check out the changes.

Change 1: Fixed REGISTRY so it can read “read only” keys.
Change 2: Now responds to display changes and hopefully also remote desktop display changes.
Change 3: Added the IF item. See Conditional Visibility for a full description.
Change 4: Added the ‘hidden’ common option to items. This allows you to retrieve data without necessarily displaying it. The SET and IF items are hidden by default. Useful for building composite items and doing conditional visibility.
Change 5: Fixed incorrect form height when using navigation buttons in “form” mode (/f).
Change 6: Fixed flickery navigation buttons.
Change 7: Added text-align option to [options].
Change 8: I’ve changed monitor-mode so that in virtual screen mode, the origin (top=0, left=0) is the top left of the virtual screen world rather than the top left of the primary monitor. You should review the size and position description to understand how it works now.
Change 9: Added monitor-num so we can place Desktop Info on a specific monitor. This option is not used when monitor-mode=1.

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