Desktop Info v1.11.0 Released

December 2018
There are two important architectural changes in this release: I’ve moved the data collection code into a thread to allow the gui to be more responsive. This has the side effect of raising the memory footprint slightly. Secondly, I’ve added a background process to collect 64 bit metrics. This is controlled from the ini file. Plus a bunch of new stuff to explore.

Change 1: Fixed a couple of pointer leaks in options loading and registry/event/file watchers.
Change 2: Changed load model for a couple of DLLs which were causing issues.
Change 3: Added counter option to TOPPROCESSMEM.
Change 4: Added private usage to PROCESSMEM.
Change 5: Introducing the DesktopInfo64 tool. This tool runs silently and allows me to retrieve 64 bit counters and other metrics not available to 32 bit applications.
Change 6: Fixed startup failure on Windows 2000.
Change 7: Added hexadecimal number format option.
Change 8: Updated reference English language file. If you are a translation contributor please check out your language file to ensure it’s accurate and up to date.
Change 9: Added the BIT display format.
Change 10: Added host option to the REG and REGEXIST items.
Change 11: Added support fields to OEMINFO.
Change 12: Added the monitor-mode option. This gives the option of using Primary Monitor mode or Virtual Screen mode. Previously DTI was using the Primary Monitor mode and this remains the default mode.
Change 13: Added navigation buttons. This really highlighted how unresponsive the gui was so…
Change 14: Added data collection thread to make the gui more responsive. Because of this separation, I’ve returned the application priority class to idle.
Change 15: More Unicode work in the ini file.
Change 16: Moved the [options] text strings into their own [text] section. You will need to move your ‘noresults’ option to this new section in order for it to be recognised. See the sample ini.
Change 17: Added ‘error’ text string.
Change 19: Changed the TOPPROCESSCPU algorithm to be more accurate.
Change 20: Fixed bug where DTI was responding to Alt+F4 meant for another application.
Change 21: Added text-editor option.

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