Monthly archives: July, 2021

Snappy Driver Installer Origin v1.11.0

Version 17 July 2021 * Driver Packs 21.07.2 * Removed auto seeding option, was too much of a problem. You can still manually start seeding after a download is complete. * Fixed metro theme and replaced metallic as default theme. * Removed settings.cfg, no longer required. * Trimmed trackers.txt.

Desktop Info v3 64-bit!

July 2021 I have finally migrated the project to the latest Delphi compiler. This is a leap of technology of 16 years so there‚Äôs a metric tonne of changes to make it work. The upside is we now have 64-bit and 32-bit builds with access to the latest tools and language technology. The downside is …

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