Monthly archives: October, 2020

Snappy Driver Installer Origin v1.7.1

Version 28 October 2020 * Driver Packs 20.10.3 * Further testing revealed some issues with the new code that deals with path read/write conditions and building directory structures. * Tools updated as follows: msys2 v20200903 gcc v7.1.0 boost v1.63.0 webp v0.6.1 libtorrent v1.0.8 7-zip v16.02

Snappy Driver Installer Origin v1.7.0

Version 26 October 2020 * Driver Packs 20.10.3 * Fixed bug in script mode when there are spaces in the paths. * Added functions to better test for write/read-only conditions both locally and when running over a network share using UNC paths. SDIO now better operates in a read-only environment. * I’ve added a …

Desktop Info v2.9.0 Released

Version v2.9.0 October 2020 The main focus of this version is the new improved charts. The old charts are still supported for the time being but will eventually go away so you should change over to the new charts as soon as you can. The [pages] section and the active item option will eventually be …

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