Monthly archives: October, 2019

Really Simple Menu v1.8 Released

Some nice user tools added, lots more admin control in the ini file and possibly other stuff. Change 1: Added the Find tool. Change 2: Added many visibility options to the ini file. The admin can better control the functions available to the user. Change 3: Added idle home timer. Change 4: Added a really …

Desktop Info v2.0.1 Released

October 2019 Change 1: Fixed high cpu issue in 64 bit tool. Change 2: Threshold colors now correctly support rgb format. Change 3: Fixed large value threshold bug. Change 4: Added support for escaped ampersand, “\&”, in addition to double ampersand, “&&”.

Desktop Info v2.0 Released

I’ve decided to take a leaf out of Linus’ book and move to version 2. Not because of any major new developments but because we’ve been on version 1 for long enough and it’s sufficiently different from the version 1 of nine years ago. Change 1: Environment variables in the uri option of CONTROL are …

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