Monthly archives: November, 2018

Desktop Info v1.10.2 Released

November 2018 Change 1: Fixed bug with FIXEDDISK and NETWORKADAPTER spinning out of control under Chinese Windows. Change 2: Continue the Unicode work. Change 3: Added reference English language file. Change 4: Fixed handle leak in ProcessMem, TopProcess and registry routines. Change 5: Fixed bug in bar chart when only one data point is available.

New Host

I’m changing over to a new host this weekend so if you notice oddness with the web site or it goes off the air for a while or you posted in the forum and it mysteriously disappeared, that’s most likely the cause. It should be fine within 24 hours.

Desktop Info v1.10.1 Released

Version v1.10.1 Change 1: Fixed bug with logo not updating after ini change. Change 2: Fixed bug with not aligning correctly when the ‘bottom’ option is used. Change 3: Fixed contextmenu option not working. Change 4: More work converting internal routines to Unicode. Change 5: I believe I’ve resolved the stability issues. If you leave …

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